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Uniquely situated at the intersection of Washington Boulevard and the Ogden River Parkway, the project site serves as an ideal location for a transit-oriented, mixed-use development that will benefit the general public, neighbors, and residents by creating an inviting, pedestrian-oriented greenway that promotes physical activity and community vibrancy. 

The proposed development includes two five-story apartment buildings and a 3,900-square-foot commercial building with a large trailside bike café catering to residents of the new development as well as neighbors, pedestrians, and cyclists. With easy access to the Frontrunner and 25th Street, this development could realistically facilitate a car-free lifestyle. Non-resident cyclists and pedestrians will feel safe passing through this improved section of the parkway, with open space on either side of the trail and outdoor seating areas, public art, and inviting commercial spaces that serve as a gathering place for the larger community. The development will also feature a plaza connecting the south residential building, the commercial building, and the parkway trail.  The architectural materials are sophisticated and classic. Dark, natural brick is the primary material, creating a strong base at the pedestrian level and building corners. Warm wood-like accents provide soft textural contrast. The large windows are a critical design element that give the architecture a sleek, rhythmic, urban aesthetic that catches the eye.

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